Best ways and tips to dress up for a hijab in the summer heat

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Ahead is the last summer month, but the heat in some regions of our country is incredible. And this seems to be the best time to remember how to wear a hijab in the summer.

Which of the sisters in the hijab did not come across the perplexed question of those around them: “Are you not dressed hot?” And really, are we hot? If you are standing in a tight dress that was worn even on spring cool days, besides dark, there is a pashmina scarf in three layers on your head and closed shoes on your feet ... Of course, it's hot. But it is in our power to choose clothes from suitable fabrics and shoes. Using a few simple tips, each sister can feel cooler than on fall days.

Many do not think, but in reality, the command of the Almighty regarding the covering of the female body is a great blessing for us. A girl in a light, airy dress with her head closed feels much more pleasant in the summer heat than in a short T-shirt and shorts. At least because for our body clothes are a shadow in which we hide from the scorching sun. Just as we move away from scorching rays into the shadow of the building, in the same shady place our skin feels under the dress. Direct sunlight only makes it hotter, in addition, the harm from their contact with the skin has been scientifically proven. If you ask your doctor for advice on how to dress in the summer in order to avoid skin problems, diseases and premature aging, then everything he tells you fits the hijab category.

Therefore, our first tip:

1. Feel grateful that you wear a hijab in the summer heat. Yes, it all starts with the mood, if we complain that we have to “fry”, feel dissatisfaction, we will not pay attention to the benefits of covered clothing in the summer, and there are a lot of them, as we wrote above. Tell me, praise be to the Almighty, I am a Muslim, and my hijab is good in this life (in terms of health, comfort) and eternal life.

2. The second advice regarding the style of clothing - give preference to dresses. Loose, closed dresses that are never adjacent to your body will become much more pleasant clothes than a skirt with at least elastic attached to it. We advise you these Dresses

And especially the combination of tunic + pants creates more discomfort than a loose dress in which air circulates.

3. Fabrics. Whatever your favorite materials, if you want to feel comfortable - choose natural and refuse synthetics. Crepe, linen, cotton are made thin enough so that you will feel every breath of the breeze. The breathability of dresses from similar fabrics is at a high level, so the skin cools instantly. At the same time, remember that the requirement for the hijab is its opacity, check when buying whether the dress is visible in the light. Choose a scarf from the same fabrics, or fine silk

4. Free style. Any contact with clothes of the skin at a temperature above 25 degrees will become unpleasant: we will leave belts, stickers and other decor for cool weather. In summer, we need an exceptionally spacious dress with a minimum of elements. Numerous folds and assemblies of fabric will become superfluous. This also applies to the method of tying a scarf. The folded two fabric (shawl or element on the dress) gives twice as much heat. Get opaque fabrics from the start that don't need to be folded.

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